Buffalo Hazard New Year's Eve Live!

Recorded at the Marye Road Studios in beautiful Spotsylvania, VA

This wonderful CD contains all your favorite Buffalo Hazard Hits, imncluding the chart-topping Washington to Blacksburg and Far Away (not to be confused with Far and Away). The CD is made with the finset silicon materials, and is guaranteed to provide you and your loved ones endless hours of fun, fun, fun! The CD comes with an attractive carrying case and thorough liner notes suitable for framing. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the buffalo in the comfort of your own home, while working at the office, and even in your car!*   Track and titular information are as follows (clickable titles have clips):

Track Number      Titular Information

one                       Daughter of a Quiet Non-Religious Woman

two                       Pencil Shaving Happiness

three                     Washington to Blacksburg

four                       Shuffle Off -> Moonlight Of Your Hatefulness

five                       Black Bear

six                         Sit Down on That Specific Object

seven                     Far Away

eight                      Star City Sausage

nine                       Small Box

ten                         Bitter Adult

eleven                    Go Fletch

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*listening to Buffalo Hazard in your car may cause excessive speeds and some pretty hefty tickets, especially along that stretch of I-66 between Vienna and the mountains. Buffalo Hazard is not responsible for speeding tickets attained while their great CD is playing. And no, we don't need no stinkin' badges.