Andi Balloun

From Fran's Furnace  (available Tuesday, March 2, 1999)

"From Fran's Furnace is a collection of Andi Balloun's best original works. Andi is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who has an exceptional talent, both vocally, and on the strings. Unlike other modern folk artists, Andi is not caught up in the demand for angst-ridden vocals, and non-melodic chants. Instead, Andi's vocals call to mind the gypsy singers of the 40's and 50's, such as Linda Earley and Angie Hoffman, who traveled the country in wandering caravans, setting up make-shift shows on town lawns, and providing free performances. Her songs espouse the harmonious interaction between human emotion and the world, addressing love and loss, nature and humanity, virtue and vice. To experience an Andi Balloun performance is to be taken to a place where the music is all that matters. This album is a must have!" - Fred Miler, ubiquitone productions.

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