February 7:  ubiquitone has just completed mixdown on The Essex Shuck! Check out the fresh clips!
January 17, 2002:  joecacti wants you to listen to this

ubiquitone productions is an independent music production company. Our primary purpose is the production of music and sound design for commercial and multimedia projects, but we also provide music management, production and education services. The company also serves as the primary production vehicle for expanding horizons of music to be found under the label ubiquitone, including the band, ubiquitone. the band.

ubiquitone. Not in the least, ubiquitone rocks. The band is a roots groove conglomeration, pleasing to the incus by way of the gritty, beautiful quality that is ubiquitone. The sound is everywhere.

ubiquitone productions specializes in composing and producing music and sound design for commercial projects. We also provide production and management services to independent musicians.

ubiquitone serves as the primary commercial vehicle for several independant artists who wish to market their music through the expanding world of the internet:
  Artist Latest Release Clips
ubiquitone The Essex Shuck ubq clips
Andi Balloun From Fran's Furnace FFF clips
joecacti :including :including clips
Buffalo Hazard New Year's Eve Live! BH clips


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