Buffalo Hazard \ bùf¹e-lo´ hàz¹erd \ (N) - a band consisting of 5 young, incredibly talented, good looking, well educated immaculate individuals. The Hazard plays a rock-hoppin' blend of jazz, funk, blues, soul and everything in between. If you are truly blessed, one day you may just get a chance to listen to this group. Though there are no sound clips currently available, a picture has been provided for your extreme pleasure. The girl in the red dress (yeoww!) is Andi Balloun. The guys from left to right are Rob (Bob) Carbonello, Jeremy (Gus) Webb, Fred (fredo) Miller, and Jason (Jay) Oakley. No, Rob and Jay are not Satan, and Fred is not oriental. Andi, however, IS a babe, and Gus IS wearing a stunning Gucchi tie and Italian slacks. This picture was taken at a benefit for Brian Sause and Matt Grogg, who wish to remain anonymous at this time. The Hazard has released one album, a live show from New Years Eve 1998, available right here!