Audio Clips

Currently, audio from joecacti (ubiquitone): including is available in three formats. They are 128kbps MP3, 20kbps Real Audio, and Emblaze. The MP3 files are large, and can be listened to "real-time" only if you have a fast connection (faster than any modem). The MP3ís are, however, are of superb quality. To listen to the MP3's, you could use the windows media players, however, I suggest WinAmp, available at or I highly suggest using MP3, as the other formats are largely obsolete, and only left here for historical porpoises.

The Real Audio will play as they download to your computer, so that you can listen while you browse! However, you will have to have the RealAudio G2 Player installed on your computer.

The Emblaze audio files are streamed "real-time" via a Java script. They are of much lower quality than the other two formats, however, to listen to them, you don't need any special software. In order to hear them you will need a recent browser with Java enabled. Just click on the link, and a floating window will appear in association with the music. For more information on Emblaze products, visit their audio homepage.

Of course, all audio clips, no matter what quality, are copyright 1998 by ubiquitone productions. If you like what you hear (you will) consider purchasing a CD. Enjoy!

Song Title

128kbps MP3

Real Audio




Stream Eggs

blazin' eggs

Stephanie Lloyd


Stream Steph

blazin' lloyd

Temple of the Groove


Stream Temple

blazin' grOOve

Far From Laughter


Stream Laughter

far from blazin'

Sweet Baby Ice


Stream Baby Ice

blazin' baby



Stream Shphex


Romance Song


Stream Romance

blazin' romance!

December Maj. 7


Stream DecMaj7

blazin' sevenths

Star City Sausage


Stream Sausage

blazin' sausage :)

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